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Benefits of Infant Massage

Both baby and parent benefit from the natural process of touch. Infant Massage offers an opportunity to parents to increase the bond between themselves and their baby.


Benefits to Baby: 

  • Relaxation 

  • Builds respect 

  • Weight gain

  • Regular sleep patterns

  • Better bond with parents 

  • Helps relieve discomfort from gas, colic and constipation

  • Improves blood circulation 

  • Aids in digestion 

  • Enhances development of the nervous system

  • Decreases of stress hormones 

  • Increases in body awareness 

  • Assists in muscle tone and flexibility 

  • Improves immune system


Benefits to Parents:

  •  Increase in bond with baby 

  • Assists with Post Natal Depression 

  • Decreases in stress hormones 

  • Gains self confidence 

  • Learns about their baby’s body and development 

  • Develops awareness of their baby’s needs and feeling


The IAIM Infant Massage Program is for parents with babies 0-12 months to learn infant massage from an certified IAIM instructor.  It is a 5 session class where an Instructor will teach you how to use and adapt various massage strokes, use your voice, movement and other forms of communication to help soothe, settle and comfort your baby.

Why 5 sessions?
In each of the five sessions, your IAIM Instructor will take you through a series of different activities that incorporate massage, healthy touch, voice, eye contact and many other interactions.  You and your baby are BOTH students in the class and the baby usually takes a little longer than us adults to adapt, familiarise and accept massage in their lives.  The IAIM Infant Massage Program is run at the pace of the babies in the class.

Also, please do not worry that your baby might be unsettled or squirmy during the class.  ALL babies are welcomed and be themselves! The purpose of the program is not to "force" a baby to have a massage during the sessions, but to give you skills and knowledge that you can use at home and throughout your baby's development. 

Attend the first class for S$100 before deciding if you would like to take up the entire IAIM Infant Massage Program.  Click on the Sign-Up button below and fill in your particulars.  An instructor in your area will be in contact within 3 days.


We do massage WITH a baby, not TO a baby.


Baby massage is not a one-way communication from parent to baby. Baby massage creates an intimate, deep bonding between parents & their babies. It is the best way for parents to learn to understand and respond to their baby’s cues accordingly, and the baby will feel loved and respected. And as such, the baby will learn to show her love & respect. What a lovely, healthy cycle!


Join a baby massage class conducted by a certified infant massage instructor from IAIM SG now and begin your journey of respectful parenting.

WhatsApp 83031804 to find out more from our friendly IAIM SG Co-ordinator.

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